Elitac Wearables

Elitac Wearables, located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, focuses on developing wearables based on electronics integrated in textiles. Elitac works as a wearable development partner specializing on the product development, electronic hardware development, integration of electronics into textile, prototyping and the coordination and scaling of production of the final product. Elitac typically partners with organizations active in specific niche markets to commercialise the technology and wearables developed. ELI sells standard, off the shelf haptic feedback R&D and rapid prototyping hardware and custom made tactile displays. This hardware is used by Universities, research centres and commercial organisations worldwide. Elitac develops all software and hardware for this product in house, and values its relationships with suppliers to be able to manufacture new high quality products rapidly.

Elitac develops wearables in the domains (1) safety and protection (USPs: lower cognitive load, better performance in high pressure environment) and (2) healthcare / medical devices (USPs: active feedback, sensor integration and replacement or enhancement of senses). The Elitac wearable innovation lab offers product design and small series production facility for professional wearables. Available to partners with established market  positions.  Offers one-stop-shop product development services with typical project sizes starting at 100k€. The technology building blocks developed in the project will become part of the technology portfolio offered in the  Elitac wearable lab. The main tasks of Elitac in the project revolve around 1) building the demonstrator garment with the new technology and 2) disseminating the technology to industrial partners that have a need for innovative product development. These activities (protoyping and small scale production for product development) are directly in line with the existing Elitac Wearable Lab activities and production capacities.


Dr. Christina Bodenstein
Research Manager

| Workpackage Leader:
Demonstrator garment (WP7) |

Christina is research manager at Elitac Wearables. In 2020 she obtained her Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) at the Technical University of Darmstadt (GER) at the Institute of Printing Science and Technology in the field of printed electronics in the Mechanical Engineering Department. She received a double degree (M. Eng.) from Stuttgart University of Applied Science and Xi’an University of Technology in the german-chinese study program of Print Media Technology and Management. She brings her experience, knowledge and fascination of interdisciplinarity in different fields to the WEAFING project with the target of the successful integration of electronics into meaningful wearables to improve people’s lives.

Wouter Vos
Senior Scientist

Wouter Vos is Elitacs’ senior scientist on tactile displays. He obtained his M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente in the Netherlands in 2004 and worked for 8 years at the Dutch research institute TNO. He developed and evaluated innovative visual, auditory and tactile human interaction concepts.

Guus de Hoog
Creative Director

Guus is a user centric designer with over 10 year experience in the overlapping field of product, UX and service design. He has worked on consumer electronics, sports equipment, medical devices, smart wearables & IoT projects.