Melling, D.; Nguyen, T. M. G.; Vancaeyzeele, C.; Vidal, F.; Plesse, C.; Jager, E.

Fibre and textile actuators employing ionic electro-active polymers require an ion source. This can be provided by a new family of photopolymerisable ionogels based on a mixture of multifunctional thiols, diacrylate and photobase generator for crosslinking via Michael addition reactions. These ionogels are one of the most recent classes of ionic conducting gels combining crosslinked polymer networks and ionic liquids. They permit operation in air/dry conditions. For optimal actuator performance the ionogels should be highly extensible and possess high ionic conductivity. We are currently optimising the polymer gel network and both the type and amount of ionic liquid incorporated as part of the EU project Weafing, which aims to produce fibre and textile linear actuators for active and haptic clothing.

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